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Brynn, thank you again for creating yet another source of inspiration here. Art that is shared, or shows how people relate to their existence empowers individuals. People in Frederic Remington's world are facinating, because they are close to us in time, at least our grandparents time, and in the US, but also as our democracy, or republic, or whatever we have, it includes horses. It is amazing to think how many years the horse was the only mode of transportation.

Remington's talents as an illustrator and war correspondent transformed his later works.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC had a fabulous exhibition, "The Color of Night" in 2003 which was unforgetable. All his canvas was about the same size, large, so looking into the scenes gave one the feeling of being at a window into the past. Just great. Strong, night colors, with intellectual and emotional power of people and animals of the wild west who laid the path for what we have now. Lovely to think we can go back for a visit.

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