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77 million paintings

^click - FLASH w/sound
keep watching for a wee while and mr.eno begins to explain himself
about four sundays ago, it so happened that i found myself in grand old selfridges department store in london. i couldn't help but notice the big series of posters hanging from ceiling to floor down every escalator void, announcing that a major installation by brian eno - "77 million paintings" - was currently set up in their expansive, dark and plush basement space known as the ultralounge. would you believe it!? well, being very fond of brian's antics and capers in the realm of electronic bleeps, buzzes, video experimentations etc. over the years, i didn't hestiate to make my way down there to see what he's up to these days. i sat there luxuriating on one of the quirky-yet-comfy settees, watching and listening for quite a long while. i began to feel a wee bit hungry. after quite a lot of pondering i finally decided that to eat one of the 100% authentic german frankfurters i'd bought in the foodhall earlier would be a fitting response to mr. eno's latest work, one that he himself would probably look kindly upon, so that's what i did. i enjoyed it very much.


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