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Originally Posted by zenbabe View Post
I feal your pain pearly, it isn't the first time this has happened,and it won't/might be the last, but at least your face isn't the bullseye. S'ok though. I can take a kick in the balls.
I feel your pain, too, because I've been the bullseye in other situations. But I've also been the one who had to call the shots. They both suck.

It turns out it hurts to watch from the sidelines, too. It's like coming in to see a great game, play a little, hang out with your buddies, and instead everyone's chairs have been moved and you've all got to stare straight ahead watching Kramer vs. Kramer from the halfway point, with little idea about the details, but a perfect view of the big picture.

It's obvious something has to give. One just hopes it can be done slowly enough to be gentle.
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