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You may not know it, but I still love you to some extent. But when you treat me so fvcking horribly, all of those wonderful feelings get shattered by your insults. You may be brilliant, but you sure know how to kill a guy's sense of self-worth.

You need to realize how much your actions affect others. I know, I know, you can't. But TRY.

You're NOT fvcking alone. You've put yourself in your situation. Yeah, I had a major role, seeing as we were so close, but it's not permanent. Gah! And please, don't expect me to be there Every. Single. Time. you need someone. I only want to help you, but eventually you have to stop using others as your crutches and look to yourself for strength.

I think you should listen to this song. Mainly the middle part, not the end. It's not about the instrumentals, listen to the lyrics.

This doesn't mean I don't want to help, it just means I want respect.
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