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This thread on Grace and Kundalini reminds me of the last darshan of Muktananda before he left the United States for India (where he passed away. )

The meditation hall was jammed with over 500 people with a huge overflow watching by remote in the dining area. There had been various offerings of poems and Hindi songs by Baba’s swamis, and then Baba came out to give a talk about Shakti and Her “Grace.” When he was finished, a swami came up to the microphone and told us that a devotee of Baba’s was going to sing for him. And she just wanted to be called, Roberta.

So, Roberta Flack came up on the little stage pushing a keyboard followed by a drummer and guitarist. She sang Killing Me Softly directly to Baba, he put a white scarf around her neck, and she then sang, The First Time Ever I saw Your Face. It was like being in the Twilight Zone – you sorta couldn’t believe what you were seeing (Roberta Flack was big recording star back then.)

And then she had us all clap our hands as she played and sang an old time spiritual. It was funny because Baba started shouting something out, and his interpreter, Malti, said, “Baba says, this is not a night club!” That didn’t stop us for a minute. We were having a Shakti ball.

Then, Roberta quieted us down and said she was going to sing a song that we could all sing with her, to Muktananda, to Nityananda, to the Divine Feminine who had blessed us all. And she played and sang, Amazing Grace, and we all joined her – 500 strong and the whole dining hall, too. i bet there was not a dry eye in the house.

When we got to the line, “I was blind, but now I see,,” Malti (now Swami Chidvilasananda who succeeded Muktananda), whispered in Baba’s ear what the words meant, and he nodded and muttered happily, “Ah, yes, good, good.”
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