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K (if by chance you ever read this)
Surely she wrote the "extra books"
that her son published after her dath
in her spare tine
ha ha
As Emilie Loring
[edit]Books (alphabetical by title)
1939 Across the Years (Little, Brown)
1937 As Long As I Live (Penn)
1947 Beckoning Trails (Little, Brown)
1958 Behind the Cloud (Little, Brown)
1945 Beyond the Sound of Guns (Little, Brown)
1946 Bright Skies (Little, Brown)
1964 A Candle in Her Heart (Little, Brown)
1925 A Certain Crossroad (Penn)
1931 Fair Tomorrow (Penn)
1963 Follow Your Heart (Little, Brown)
1952 For All Your Life (Little, Brown)
1965 Forever and a Day (Little, Brown)
1971 Forsaking All Others (Little, Brown)
1928 Gay Courage (Penn)
1936 Give Me One Summer (Penn)
1924 Here Comes the Sun! (Penn)
1938 High of Heart (Little, Brown)
1933 Hilltops Clear (Penn)
1960 How Can the Heart Forget? (Little, Brown)
1948 I Hear Adventure Calling (Little, Brown)
1954 I Take This Man (Little, Brown)
1968 In Times Like These (Little, Brown)
1935 It's a Great World! (Penn)
1944 Keepers of the Faith (Little, Brown)
1967 A Key to Many Doors (Little, Brown)
1930 Lighted Windows (Penn)
1957 Look to the Stars (Little, Brown)
1949 Love Came Laughing By (Little, Brown)
1969 Love with Honor (Little, Brown)
1954 My Dearest Love (Little, Brown)
1970 No Time for Love (Little, Brown)
1942 Rainbow at Dusk (Little, Brown)
1955 The Shadow of Suspicion (Little, Brown)
1972 The Shining Years (Little, Brown)
1927 The Solitary Horseman (Penn)
1966 Spring Always Comes (Little, Brown)
1941 Stars in Your Eyes (Little, Brown)
1929 Swift Water (Penn)
1940 There Is Always Love (Little, Brown)
1962 Throw Wide the Door (Little, Brown)
1950 To Love and to Honor (Little, Brown)
1938 Today Is Yours (Little, Brown)
1922 The Trail of Conflict (Penn)
1932 Uncharted Seas (Penn)
1934 We Ride the Gale (Penn)
1956 What Then Is Love (Little, Brown)
1943 When Hearts are Light Again (Little, Brown)
1941 Where Beauty Dwells (Little, Brown)
1934 With Banners (Penn)
1955 With This Ring (Little, Brown)
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