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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Sunday 2011 August 28, 2011

To adapt an expression, woman plans, the universe laughs. It’s sure felt that way on Planet Leo for the past few weeks, as mental Mercury has been retrograde (backwards) in your sign. Trying to get other people on board with your vision—much less getting your point across in basic conversations—has been an exercise in frustration. Before you don your “Mean People Suck” tee shirt and ship off for a deserted island, take heart. Mercury powers forward this Friday helping you do a total 180 in your interactions. Between now and September 10, Mercury will be direct in Leo making you a brilliant orator and stellar communicator. Get to work on that press release, as the planets want you to start a buzz about one of your grand ideas. The moon is also in Leo on Saturday putting you in your emotional element. Express your feelings without reservation. Your passionate, bubbly nature is just what the cosmic doctor ordered and you could get a grumbly loved one to light up at long last. On Sunday, a new moon in your income zone gets you fired up about improving your work situation. Whether you’re hunting for a new job or tweaking an aspect of your current gig, you want to be clear about your desires and expectations. You’re a creative soul, so try making a vision board or doing a mind mapping exercise to help you distill what it truly is that you want to pursue.

- Horoscopes provided by The AstroTwins
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