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"He Lost half his friends"

The truth the hold truth and nothing but the truth
I see in this interweb thingy that some person foreign to these United States has made a movie entitled "America" with the bi-line

"What your history books have left out"

well Mo herself believes all movies should be fiction but loosly based on some actual person’s “story” mostly because there are a gazillion old people around and anytime Mo starts to talk with them she realizes that there is an epic movie right there! waiting to be watched

so to speak..


My own father grew up on a farm in Illinois and wanted to attend university in Colorado but in those days floks bowed to the wishes of their elders and he ended up attending Millikin University since it was local to his home for two years then transferring Penn in Philadelphia The story goes his r ...find more here tumblr then mojorisin (i'm the one without a face)
From stone tablets to html code, it's not lost on me.

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