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waaaaaaa :)
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Hey my Ze.ppl

Am still alive (& neither smoking nor sniffing ashtrays yet ), my throat seems to be finally healed (we hope) but for some nerve pains, & only sometimes But while turning me upside down the docs found a a fukken nodule in my thyroid on Oct 13 I will - hopefully (yesterday that prof couldn't tell, the CT last week or the vitamines I took until recently screwed it up) - learn whether it's a good nodule (that is, no cold motherfukker, but a good hot thang) & I can keep my thyroid (I hopehopehope - now that I got to know my wee butterfly baby + what it does for me).

Anyway, hug youse, especially you Lukku, sending you + your mom all goodness I got! & Frieda + Frieda-Mama too!!

& don't worry about me, I got my best mate back here in Berlin, I grow my own tomatoes at the kitchen window, I have my beloved thunderstorms almost everyday (a friend originally from near-equatorial Brazil recently complaint about the sticky heat!), I take stuff easy, all the stuff!
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