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So, I got there this letter from the nuclear medicine prof dude and was at my family doc with it and that's what is sure so far about my thyroid: I have for one a slight hypothyroidism (now that I think of it I had symptoms since some years but I put those on other causes: general laziness, fatigue/slight burn-out-thingy from all this PhD thesis etc stress, and that I, in the best case could keep my weight constant on a level waaaay higher than 4, 5 years ago, I also explained by my sitting on my ass for 10, 11, 12h a day job, my laziness, my irregular eating etc as also all my colleagues all grew bigger - and then my constant craving for sea food - which is actually healthy - makes complete sense now, my body wanted that iodine in it). So I take this thyroxine hormone since yesterday, half the dose, i.e. 25 microgramm, of what the nuke doc recommends for a start, such that I don't fall out of my flip flops Together with my non-smoking (smoking, better said the cyanide in it, is reducing the iodine intake) and my general healthier living that thing will be fixed, even if I have to take that med all my life long, that's OK with me. The other thing is my nodule.... the only thing the nuke doc can up to now quasi-exclude is a hot (in almost all cases benign, my granny had one and got rid of it by a low iodine diet only, no operation or radioiodine therapy needed) nodule, the potentially evil cold one is still in the race as is a warm nodule (on why my hope lies now), a so-called autonomous adenom which is also always benign, even if it develops into a hot thang and which can be easily treated, also with hormones and/or radiation. I mean the chances are small that it's really cancer (many folks here in Germany - still a iodine deficiency region - have such nodules in their thyroid, I read figures ranging from 30% to 50% and only like 1% of these are bad. But well, if my thing (which ain't small, 2cm on it's longest axis) is a cold one they'd most probably cut out at least half of my thyroid to see what it really is. Only if it would shrink with the hormone I take now it would be a proof for it being benign and I could keep all of my butterfly and not really, really RELY on that hormone pills, I hate the thought that after an operation (which scares the shit out of me anyways, I've never been operated, I even still have all my wisdom teeth) I would become a (semi-)cretin (really!! I read all about thyroids - and (half-)missing thyroids for that matter - I could find) if I don't get/take the med for a longer period.... So I try not to get crazy till Oct 13 when I'm at the nuke doc again and keep on murmuring "no cold nodule, no cold nodule...." and - new - "shrink if you are cold! shrink if you are cold!...." and also show the sonogramm of my nodule (my family doc says the echo pattern looks not like it does with typical cold nodules) to everyone who wants to see it - or not

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