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waaaaaaa :)
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Originally Posted by Frieda View Post
^ you support the dutch tonight, hmm? 20:45h sharp
I did!! (Did it work? Did it work? )
OK I missed the first 25 min cos I missed the fukken train, but THEN I came out of the subway, rushed around the corner to the first bar/cafe/restaurant (all places had screens outside on the street) and GOAL I went one block further, just in time to watch another GOAL , then I came in the dead part of my street (no bar/cafe/restaurant for like 400m) so I walked fast, rushed upstairs, turned on telly. OK then was the halftime break, so I took a shower, but then I was back, I drank orange juice to enhance the Oranje power (from my pirate smurf glass to join forces with you Frieda ) and some time later: GOAL

Oranje babes = good babes
I say go! go! go! they go goal! goal! goal!
I'm pleased and totally in love now and it will be very hard to stay loyal with the Portuguese babes....
Who's Portugal?!? Pfft.... OK they can be the final partners of Oranjes, but else...
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