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Originally Posted by T.I.P. View Post
hint: it's a classic
How long should we tease him?

Originally Posted by T.I.P. View Post
Gummo is a masterpiece.
It's been added to my queue. Just from seeing that bit of it, I'm very surprised that it was done by someone so young. Looks like Wes Anderson on brilliancy steroids. And I had to laugh about the bunny hat since I posted a picture of you wearing something similar in your birthday thread.

Tunes, that was the last scene...sorry! Perhaps we should institue a spoiler warning policy?
Lost in Translation...the pacing seems off until you watch the whole movie. For the first half, I couldn't figure out why everyone thought it was so great, by 2/3 through I thought it was pretty good, and by the end, it was one of my top 5. I watched it again the next day.

Young favorite exchange:
"Could you help me with these bags?"
"You take the blond and I'll take the one in the turban."

Snake, I'm just making an educated guess. Sofia C has a strong not-telling policy, and I won't tell my guess, either. I loved that he says something you can't hear. It's Schrodinger's cat.
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