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Alone is sometimes my favorite place. Tucked away from the frenzy of the world, the demands of friends and family, the job, the city, the hassles -- it's my place to just be *me*. I venture there every chance I can get. It's warm and comfortable -- it's familiar.

Alone means thoughts, deep, wrapped in conscious, developing, nurturing, blossoming into ideal-ogies. Alone means writing, inspiration, contemplation.

Alone, cliche as it sounds, never means the same thing as being lonely. It's a coveted gift you give yourself.

Alone is happy. Alone is strength. Alone is understanding. Alone is a blessing sometimes.

Alone is sometimes a necessity -- but some people fail to see its beauty, or understand it. They see it as some kind of punishment, when it most decidedly is not. Yet when they open their minds and hearts to its embrace, they soon learn how beautiful it is and welcome it as dearly as I do.

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