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Ze, I always thought you looked at the public forum as a sort of social experiment. Something that would feed your creative urges and everything that went with it: anger, love, joy, sadness. Over the course of time that I participated in this section of the forums there was some pretty heavy stuff that went down, yet you remained neutral, or relatively neutral.

Suffice to say I was surprised to come here and witness such an extreme reaction -- whatever happened, and I'm glad to say I wasn't witness to it, must have been huge.

At least I hope it was huge -- that you didn't lose your objectivity that cobbled together this community in the first place. Something to think about.

Let me bastardize an old saying: If we delete our past, we are bound to repeat it. The history of this board, ugly or pretty, created a foundation of users who were pretty dedicated to you. And most of that dedication came out of a respect for you (whether you believe that or not) and the freedom that you gave them, here -- for better or worse.

So there was a deletion issue. So you take away those abilities. It seems simple enough. What I know of Zen, she's not malicious. A wino, yes. Malicious, no. It kind of makes me sad to read her singled out here, when so much has gone on in the past.

But do you wipe out nearly five years of history? Hrm. There's some ugly ugly stuff on here that I would love to see gone forever, but now I'm not so sure it isn't a lesson for me to re-read and learn about myself, and grow.

Public figure or not, what makes you you, is your ability to reach out to virtual strangers and embrace them. And that means doing so, warts and all. It's the foundation of your celebrity.

Eh, what do I know? I probably haven't had enough coffee and am not making a whole lot of sense. It's early.

I can tell you that when I came back, when I decided I wanted to come back, I didn't step foot in this forum because I knew what it would entail. I was happy playing in the fiction area, with my own little bucket and shovel and enough water to build a beautiful sandcastle.
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