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Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
Que?! (There were other circumstances in the G'bye thread or?)

You the same Brightpearl, you know the one I really liked

If this is about CJ - he's yours (as far a person whether real or virtual can 'belong' to somebody), no issue for me!

OOOOOOkay. I was referring to the fact that Ze said he was going to delete the thread, and I was going to be SO happy to see it go, because it turned a lovely gift to Frieda into more backbiting.

Desperately sorry for any misunderstanding! I should have typed a line between my congrats to you and my goodbye to the THREAD.

Deepest, hugest, most sincerestest congrats to you, dear Stephi! I am still the same brightpearl.
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