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Originally Posted by zefrank
i look forward to your suggestions on a rule base that might work here. we could begin with highly structural rules for a first draft...then revisit it by editing the piece with a different rule set.
you'd make an excellent dipolmat.

instead of going through the motions of reinventing the wheel, perhaps just using the inherent rule set of a basic story- three acts moving in an arc of crisis, climax and resolution. It sounds like you have a basis of a crisis in mind (a divorce). Perhaps the rest of us can fill in- what is the incident that gets the plot rolling? Is it the divorce itself? The aftermath? The custody hearing? The day Dan scrapes his knee on the pavement and can't have mommy kiss it better because mommy is living across town?

you've got it below...

i'm not looking for mass participation...only looking for a few people who are familiar with some of the dynamics of community based fiction to try and attempt something more challenging and hopefully in the process find structural components that might make this work.

its too easy to predict failure based on past experience.
true that, captain. but, as I am sure you are keenly aware, it does help to use the knowledge gained from "failures" (I'm not sure what you constitute as failure here... but I'll run with it.)

how about we write the entire story in its most basic elements first:

for example we sum up the entire story based purely on plot points...i.e. dan's parent's argue. dan picks up a broken watch. dan falls asleep on the neighbor's lawn.

his could be restricted to a structural rule (one or two sentences at a time...doesn't matter if there is redunancy, mutual exclusivity, etc...)

based on the community thinking we trim this down...then write a paragraph that tackles thematic relationships, then the back story on characters...
I like this... it gives a chance for folks to pick and choose to focus on their strengths in the story creating process (as trish mentioned about an outline).

I think it can be both thematic and plot outline thread... I'll go and start one....

i don't care how long it takes. dammit.
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