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Originally Posted by TruthSeeker
I would assume that faith beyond what you feel about this bible story is what allows you teach this class. I have problems with many parts of the bible myself. It is only by faith that I can get past these sticking points. I truly believe that there is nobody who understands the whole bible, for if they did they in fact would be God. I feel that it is part of Gods' test for us. We don't have to understand it all. That being said, I do think that the topic is a difficult one to deliver. Is is possible that killing the prophets is a metaphor for saying that Elijah had simply defeated them on the religious front so they lost their power? Good luck with the class.
Obligation to do my duty allows me to teach this class, mostly.

I would like you to tell me just how faith gets you past these sticking points, as you put it. Do you just stop sticking? Or are you more able to rationalize these things because you believe you are ultimately beneath God, and so, whatever he says goes, pretty much?

Why would someone who understands the whole Bible be God? What is there about the words in this particular gathering of documents that renders it so difficult? The Bible is said to contain what God wants us to know about him. If that is the case, his Public Affairs staff SUCKS.

I'm going to plant plants and talk about drought and contests and the different reasons people pray. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
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