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Believe me, we considered a number of options:

1) Wearing obscene T-shirts to teach the class. Discarded because we don't really have any (an old one that says "sex goddess" on it probably doesn't count).

2) Having a sing-along around the song "Poor Old Kaw-Li-Ga" (see "what's the worst song to get stuck in your head?" thread), and telling the kids that as far as we know, this is the real Elijah story. Discarded because well, it's not true, even a little bit.

3) Providing a brief but thorough tutorial on certain aspects of meteorology: sinking and rising air, evaporation, condensation, precipitation. Still a contender if there's a lull.

4) Telling the full unexpurgated story and concluding with wry faces that well, really, Elijah was a bit of a dickhead. Because what can they do -- FIRE ME?
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