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I know, I know, I've told everyone my whole life that I was Walt Disney's illegitemate daughter, I just early on found out how things work in large companies, and even when I was designing giftware for the big guys, I was artist number 43,003. And all the action now is in Orlando, and that place is crawling with youthful geeky knowitallwannabes, I like to be a big fish in a very small pond.

This has been a neverending disappointment for my family, but upon considering what you have to give up for success in any certain field, compared to what I don't want to give up, I figure anybody would kill for my job(s), not that that is a criterion for my self acceptance, but an acknowlegement that I have a really sweet life with ZERO stress.

I just try to be as creative as i can while I'm working on getting better at as much different stuff as i can, and have somebody pay me for half of that. This board is part of my learning curve, thanks everybody&ze!
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