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1. what kind of mouse do you use for your computer?

i have no idea

2. are you wearing shoes? if so, what kind?

i'm wearing loafers of some kind

3. describe or post a picture of your toilet!

standard, normal loo

4. what do you like best at McDonald's?


5. how many languages do you speak?

2 1/2. american, redneck, and half cajun

6. do you have a special pen you write with all the time or do you use whatever you can find?

i have a certain pen brand that i prefer, but i'm not OCD about it

7. who's the worst moron in your life?

my secretary (who's on maternity leave at present!!!!)

8. what gave you the inspiration for your current avatar?

i stumbled across it one day by pure chance when i first came here way back when and knew that it encapsulated allthingsbeale
still jackasinine, make no mistake
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