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Originally Posted by Spicy Jack
I believe, that if people use the resources available to them, and make responsible decisions, that all of those can be atainable. Welfare, and whatnot, when use properly, can be benifitial. One might not be able to buy wide screen tvs, the latest DVD's and new cars, or even ever go out to dinner or buy a single luxury item, but they can clothe and feed their children.
My mom tried to do this. We were on the public dole for the first 6 years of my life. She lived very frugally, I can't remember ever eating out or anything extra; anything like that came from my grandparents. She scrimped & saved enough money to be able to go back to school full time when I would be in school full time, to cut down on childcare costs.

When AFDC found out she had saved all that money to go back to school with, they cut her benefits. She was unable to go back to school, and if I remember correctly, was told to find a nice guy to marry?!?!?!?! Granted this was in 1980, but still. WTF? Being penalized for trying to get out of the system? She would've been rewarded by this same system w/more money had she gotten pregnant again. *head reeling*

I think everyone has the potential to be a good parent. But the guy in this article needs to fry in hell.
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