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Not really creepy but.......

Yesterday one of the residents where I work died. She was an ex-nurse with a sad story. She was working at a hospital back in the 1960's and there had been something happen referred to intriguingly in her notes only as a "traumatic incident". It precipitated her bipolar illness and years in and out of psychiatric hospitals with treatment including good old fashioned electric shock therapy. After many years she was lucky enough to be mentally stable and meet and marry a nice man who thought the world of her. She was too old to have children then but her husband had grown up children who accepted her. Her husband eventually passed away and as old age hit, her illness became worse again which meant she had to live in a nursing home. She used to spend many hours sobbing inconsolably and as she was dying I spent a lot of time thinking about how a single incident had made her life mainly unhappy and hoping that she would have peace wherever she went.

So last night I couldn't sleep. That may have been the red wine and snails I had for dinner but I was dozing on and off and kept waking up with a start worried about where this lady was and wether she was finally at peace and wishing that I was one of those psychic people who could receive messages from the other side all mixed up with trying to be one of those people and sending telepathic messages to her asking if she was ok...........when I woke up to find my bedside lamp switched on.

Might have just been a surge but I did sleep well after that.
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