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Luku, sure hope it's alright to copy and paste your dream sequence.

我沿铁路切口的边引起了,直到我听见乌鸦谈-它是在采取横跨河的轨道的桥梁旁边,因此我开始横渡与轨道 303-33 303-33 303-33
I have caused along the railroad margin's side, until I hear the crow to discuss that - it is in adopts the spread-eagle river nearby track's bridge, therefore I start to cross with the track 303-33 303-33 303-33

3 is a prime number you know

^this is from blah blah fish
(chinese simplified)

"spread-eagle" < what ???
"I set off along the side of the railroad cutting
until I heard the crow talking - it was next to the bridge that took the tracks across a river, so I started to cross with the tracks...303-33...303-33...303-33"

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