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Coffee is a triple espresso sumatra hammerhead.
Priceyfatprude is a lemon merangue pie.
Lapietra is a chocolate brownie.
Frieda is a well-crafted martini.
Klynne is a big salty margarita.
Jesustitties is a steak, cooked rare.
Dinzdale is a sausage.
Bealeblues is a frankenfurter.
Daverbee is a cup of ibarra.
Hyakujo’s Fox is jasmine tea.
Moel is a wax mustache.
Red Princess is a lickably delicious pita.
Spicy Jack is a bowl of jungle juice.
Mocha is a sweet, chocolatey mocha.
Chocodile is a pickle.
Trisherina is a perfect cup of earl grey.
Clytie is a cup of fruit punch kool-aid.

…that is all for now.
dark. rich. scrumptious.
indescribably beautiful.

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