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Guilt-Free Communal Limericks

WHAT? Another limerick thread? Oh well, how can one more hurt?

These will be your garden variety limericks.
One line per post.

Have a perfect line? Feel free. Not so perfect? Oh, go ahead.
Edited to add: It is understood that everyone here is trying to write limericks that rhyme and have the correct meter. We may not always get it exactly right, but at least we can try, and have a bit of fun. This doesn't mean that we try to write the worst limerick lines possible - for that perhaps someone would like to create a Bad Limericks thread

Posts in this thread are not eligible for open critique.
Edited to add: By this I mean that it should be assumed that not all writers here feel comfortable having their contributions publicly criticized. You can of course always offer your constructive criticsm using the PM function.
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