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Dear boys,

I haven't worn a dress in four years...mostly because they never made any good looking dresses in my size. I finally am small enough to wear one and am doing so tomorrow night. If you could tell me I look "nice" or "hot" or something that fits the "pretty" category, I'd appreciate it. Especially since I've been nervous about it all day...especially the amount of skin it will be showing. Also, if one of you could make up your minds to finally ask me on a date (especially since you know I'm interested in you and you keep giving me the bedroom eyes), that'd be nice, too. Damnit.


Dear Zeis,

Fancy jazz clubs may just be too sophisticated for her. This is proof that she is not worthy of your company and should be ignored for her bad taste.


Dear rain,

I *heart* you. Please cool off though, it's sweltering in here and the sun's not out any more.


Dear job,

I *hate* you.

I'd rather be making out.
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