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Originally Posted by mo
a good way to support the arts is to buy all your tshirts from anyone you suspect to be a serious writer
with a silly side business
you know like
Earnest Hemingway
Klaus Mann
make up funny sayings
to make them laugh
and to inspire them to not take things
so srtiously
OCH! that pair hemingway and mann with their silly side-businesses!

listen, thanks again for coming up with this idea mo because i've recently been suspecting quite a few people of actually being serious writers with silly side-businesses. a fair few of them are dead too, just like hemingway and mann, but imo dead ness is no excuse for being so maudlin all the time. those guys need to LIGHTEN UP and a funny saying t-shirt will do the trick, so it will.

now i wonder what might be a funny saying to go on, say for example, george orwell's t-shirt? also, i wish i could remember what george's silly side-business was.
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