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no, no, wait.

(Throaty)"Nappy Birfday, Mr. President!"

"Kid, c'mere."

Bosoms jiggling, an angelic vixen of cartoonish fantasy bobbles over. Clearly, the writer knew what she was doing when she wrote out the character description

DIRECTOR (pointing to script)
Honey, look. what does it say?

Honey looks puzzled. It takes her a second to push the air out of her head to more appropriate places, places that make men feel like they are walking on that very same flavor of air.


DIRECTOR (exasperated)
NO! Goddamn it! Your character says...

The director looks down at the script for the first time- personal assistants are wonderful things. Everyone should own one.

Nappy Birfday, Ze.


Nappy... birfday? (recovering) ZE! See, ZE. It says right here. Just do it right, Honey. Let's start again.

HONEY (smacking gum, rolling her eyes)
okay! (mumbles) asshole.

Honey bobbles back to her mark, turns, spits out her gum, hitting the leg of the key grip. She flashes him a winning smile and wiggles back into her "concentration spot". She takes a deep breath and...

HONEY (squeeks)
Happy Birthday, Ze!

DIRECTOR (smacks his head)
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