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Oh, you would love the Monday evening study hall thread. Just the other day, I posted this:
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There are more than 50 types of helminthic infection that people can get from fish. The two most common types are anisakiasis (infection by one of many types of roundworm/nematode) and fish tapeworm. Roundworm infection usually comes from eating marine species, while tapeworm generally comes from fish that spend all or part of their time in fresh water. Sushi made from fish that has not been previously frozen is of the most concern - thoroughly cooking the fish kills all parasites, as does commercial freezing. Freezing in a home freezer may take a week or so to be effective, because it isn't as cold. Most resistant to freezing is a parasite that is emerging as a problem for humans -- the North American liver fluke (don't look), which is found in fresh water fish and infects the bile duct and/or gallbladder.

There are all sorts of interesting (and nasty) little creatures that live on fishes yet do not cause infection in humans. They latch on to scales, gills, eyeballs, you name it. The most bizarre one in my opinion is Cymothoa exigua,the "tongue-eating louse." It literally eats and replaces the tongue of the fish, feeding both on the fish and what the fish eats. It's related to the common pill bug/roly poly, but it is supremely icky. If you're terribly curious and have a strong stomach, still probably don't want to see this photo.
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