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Oh lord, I don't know how I would have made it without you sometimes. I'm so grateful to you for staying with me until I could bear to let you go. Giving you cream cheese was one of my few joys in life for a while, and I only wish I could have given you a kidney as well.
I can still smell your perpetually spotless fur, my darling, and see your beautiful pink toes. I found you on the street, but you were a king.

You had gotten so frail, so frail, but right now in my mind's eye you are still racing full tilt out of the woods after a little brown rabbit that you had no hope of catching, but damn, you sure were alive. You used to try to get me to let you out to chase the geese, remember? Haha, they would have had you for lunch, but it was so much fun to watch you dream.

Tonight I feel like I'll never have room for another cat in my heart again, but someday I'll come across one that reminds me of you, and I won't have a chance.

I hope heaven is made of tuna, though I could never stand the smell.

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