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LYDON (mumbling): well that's just their tough shit.

GRUNDY: it's what?

LYDON: nothing. a rude word. next question!

GRUNDY: no, no. what was the rude word?

LYDON: shit.

GRUNDY: was it really? god, you frighten me to death.

LYDON: oh alright, siegfried…

GRUNDY: what about you girls behind?

MATLOCK: he's like yer dad ain’t he, this geezer. Or your Grandad.

GRUNDY: are you worried or just enjoying yourself?

SIOUXSIE: enjoying myself.

GRUNDY: are you?


GRUNDY: ah! that's what i thought you were doing.

SIOUXSIE: i've always wanted to meet you.

GRUNDY: did you really?


GRUNDY: we'll meet afterwards, shall we?

JONES: you dirty sod. you dirty old man.

GRUNDY: well keep going, chief. keep going. go on, you've got another ten seconds. say something outrageous.

JONES: you dirty bastard.

GRUNDY: go on, again.

STEVE: you dirty fvcker!

GRUNDY: what a clever boy.

JONES: you fvcking rotter!

GRUNDY (to the camera): well that's it for tonight. i'll be seeing you soon. i hope l'll not be seeing you (the band) again. from me though, goodnight.
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