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Good morning, and Thank You friends.

Thats a lot of wonderful images above...TY. Avatar choices galore.
Sparticle...I'm gonna steal that CoffeeGuy image first (the stephen foster) for an avatar...its perfect...THANK YOU. spare elves...sorry. Would you take a used one tommorow maybe? (I love the wizard cup of coffee for an avvy too, that's a very fun image, till I saw sparts...I'll keep it for a spare, heh TY)

And zeros hippie would come in handy too im sure for an Avvy.


Friends are taking me out this evening for my BD. Hiking and playing today. I'll be around later. Ty again all.

beer, trains, elves, cake, coffee beans...where to start.

Duh, Coffee beans. *off to make more coffee*
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