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there was a cyclops in Krull that knew the date and circumstance of his own death....

Originally Posted by JesusTitties
Im not all that into psychic crap and phenomina and all that surrounds it.. i dont watch movies like that either. Over the past 7 years, ive been to three psychics all together. One when i was in vancouver.. one a few years later in california.
Both times just for shits and giggles, but they always took it serious. I always thought it wierd that both times i went, they both said the exact same thing to me without even a moment of thought.

Over the weekend we were drinking and downtown, and a few of us decided to stop into a psychic's spot open late. Little old lady.. you know the scenerio. anywho - it was my turn, i went in and we were one on one. And long story short - she took one look at my hand, and did my tarot cards and said the EXACT same thing the previous two did years ago.

so thats three confirmed readings.
And what was the reading that all three told me, on three different occasions in three different parts of the world?

I wont live beyond 50.
So now, im like... officially a little spooked.
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