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Someone who knows what they are looking for can pick up things about a persons life style just by looking at them. By this I mean, there are visual clues that we give off about our general health. Our complexion, shine in our hair, colour of our teeth, colour of your toung, as well as many other indicators. These are all things that can be tell tale signs of a lifestyle that is not condusive to long life.

Have you taken pause to consider if your lifestyle is entirely healthy? I don't know you, or know much about your way of living so I'm not trying to be critical. I'm simply saying that if you move beyond the razzle dazzle of a "psychic" you might be able to pick up on what your body is telling them. Most of us can pick up on these health signs subcontiously. It does not take much to go beyond that to see the information that the body is giving out. There is nothing hocus-pocus about it, you just need to know how to look for it.
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