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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
It isn't that I think it should be swept under the rug; it's just that I fear it might be too soon to cover it logically and kindly. Only those directly involved will know when it's a good time for them.
i agree that it's probably a bit too soon to be picking the wound. however, it is sort of the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

i don't know. i'm uncomfortable. i wasn't involved in whatever it was that started all of this off, and i certainly don't know the details about why it happened. all i know is most of the forum has been shut down and the future of the remaining sections is unclear.

i sort of feel like i'm a guest at a party where the host is ready to go to bed, but he won't ask the guests to leave and keeps refilling the drinks to be polite. so i'm sitting on the sofa, feeling a little awkward and unsure whether the refills are being offered genuinely or reluctantly. and i'm kind of wondering where i put my coat and purse and trying to figure out if i can find a tactful way to call it a night without making the host feel like he guilted me into leaving.

i took the analogy too far.
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