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Let's all join together to celebrate a joyous Thanksgiving
Food and light, both make us warm
while a cold wind rages beyond the door.
The merry din of laughter from old friends
Mingles overhead with the aroma of fresh-baked pie,
and turkey, while world outside momentarily sleeps.

The taste of turkey breast is like dreaming without sleep,
each bite rushing with memories of past Thanksgivings.
I forget to save any room for pie
there is no rush the food is warm
and the room glows with the chatter of old friends,
the cold shut out beyond the heavy oak door.

Football sounds muffled behind a door
Our bellies full, we float 'tween wake and sleep
How cozy now, to nap amongst our friends
and dream of all the reasons for thanksgiving
Mother brings out dessert, fragrant and warm
Pumpkin cheesecake and fresh-baked cherry pie.
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