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well lets see. i love cats but thats about it. i am against animal cruelty. but i am pro-meat of anykind besides human. now i do not know if the airforce eats the animals they slaughter to further show how to survive. but if they do, more power to them. Peta i think went too far on that note.
Looking at the megalith far off,
the piano keys hitting my desperate ears.

Looking like a fallen God buried deep in the sand,
The music in strings sadness and love.

Looking at the sky of darkness, as a face of black looks with disregard,
stareing, seething, whispering, laughing at those lost Gods.

Walking over the ruins of metal and scrap, reading contempt and hatred on their lips,
a noise fills my brain unrelentlessly with a tap and a ting.

Walking through the gardens with a soft touch seeing the colors of love and forgiveness,
a lost violin floating among understanding and expression.

The sky, a swirl of black on black draining the life of planets,
as the light passes over my blind eyes the world stretches before me to the ends of time.
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