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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
Dear my son's teacher,
You replied to my email with a positive and helpful attitude. Good job! However, I humbly suggest you do not use Comic Sans as your default font in future emails. At least 2 of the other parents are in web design, and they're not going to be as open-minded as I am. Frankly, even I'm having a little bit of a hard time with it. I keep wondering whether your handwritten notes have little dots in place of all the serifs.

Might I suggest Tahoma or Verdana? Both clean and easy to read. Or perhaps Century Gothic - lovely roundness to that one, a bit reminiscent of a teacher's best chalkboard handwriting.

You may be tempted by the exotic wiles of Papyrus as you resolve to look for something with less whimsy and more old-school gravitas, but don't be fooled. Papyrus is a lying bastard.

Best of luck!
Mrs. Brightpearl

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