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rapscalious rob
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Thursday, October 9th, 9:30 pm (I think- the damn computer clock is faulty.)

Today I applied for several jobs. Mostly office jobs, but I also applied to work for my brother, who owns a costume business, to promote his business as a costumed character, but only for a couple of weeks. My brother said that the chicks dig costumed characters. When I told him about Michelle, he said that if I played chess the way Iím chasing women, Iíd lose every time-- I need to look around, keep my options open. He also said maybe Iíd have more luck if I stopped lugging this broken fax machine around with me everywhere, and holding it as if it were my baby. My brother doesnít know anything.

Then again, maybe heís right. I dunno. I think he takes after my dad more-- more rational, more intellectual. Iím crazy, like mom. Who am I to say whatís logical? Shut up. Seriously, though- maybe thatís why that cute HR lady was giving me that funny look at that one interview-- the fax machine. Hmm. Or was it the half-finished head cheese sandwich?

Iím not sure where I should go to repair the hello kitty vibrator. At least I have the lingerie-- and, Iíve got to admit, I look SEXY in that suggestive garb. Yes, this could be the new me.

I went by the deli again. Paid the tab. Talked to Ivar about my current situation. He seemed to think working as a costumed character was a good idea, but wouldnít give me a straight answer as to whether or not I looked goofy lugging around the fax machine. Damn Ivar, he knows me too well. He concluded by saying ďyou know, Larry, to my way of tinking, derís nuttiní what canít be fixed wití a nice hunk of head cheese.Ē Amen to that!

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