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Wednesday, October 8, 12:30 pm
Just realized that I didn't cross the international date line like I thought. Note to self, re-calibrate watch and fix the DeLorean.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle
how I enjoy your wide-eyed stare
your affinity for stinky cheese
brings me down, aye, to my knees
Wherefore art thou, ma petite quenelle?

I got a fax today on my machine that told me my apartment building is an alien being. I am living in its gall bladder! I don't know what to do, what if I am like a gall stone and the alien has an operation to get rid of me?? I am very concerned. I might write to my governor about it but I can't find my pen. I think my dog stole it to make his grocery list. He always buys the same damn things, I don't know why he makes a list.
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