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Thursday, October 9, Early am.

Oh, man. I woke up with my feet in the refrigerator again. I think there was something wrong with the last batch of head cheese from Ivar. This is the third time I'd had a head cheese trip after buying Ivar's "homemade" blend. He always winks when he hands to me, but each time after I'd eaten it I'd woken with my feet in the refrigerator. I will have to remember to ask him about it when I pick up some more this afternoon.

Thankfully my sanity was soon fully restored, so I grabbed my fax machine and decided to get down to catch the end of the all-night Barbra Streisand festival at the local cinema. I wasn't too sure whether I needed it, but just to be safe I paid for an extra ticket for the fax machine. I walked in to find I was just in time for What's Up Doc? Ryan O'Neal is my favourite actor.

Somewhere during the car chase I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of Michelle.
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