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rapscalious rob
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10/14/03 8:30 pm

I got a sore throat the day before yesterday, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, seeing as how I donít have health insurance. I brewd a big pot of coffee, and poured it out in two pans. I added cream & sugar per usual. Then I let it sit. This morning, the mold was thick enough for my satisfaction. Nothiní like home-grown penecillin for the nasties.

Gllerrrr! It tastes awful. But then, it must be helping: no pain, no gain, right? I thought Iíd share this idea with you, my unknown audience. I hope you take my wisdom to heart: donít pay eighty dollars for what you can do yourself for next to nothiní.

The costume job is going well. My bro has been offering me advice on the love scene. Heís such a great guy. But he doesnít seem to understand the effects of pure unadulterated bull pheromone.

I love you people! My audience! My wonderful, wonderful audience! I will keep you posted!
I will share the minutest details of my life with you! We will get through this TOGETHER.


Larry Dumbo.
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