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Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
a hybrid of ja and nein, meaning not 'maybe yes, maybe no', but 'yes and no simultaneously';
very practical as answer to questions concerning quantum physics, tricky philosophical/ethical questions, human beings in general and in particularly inter-human-relationships
Is there in English (Yo doesn't work out, I figured ) or any other language such a word or a similar thing?
the Indian head bobble is the South-Asian relative of the Jein.

It can mean "yes", it can mean "no", it can mean "maybe", but also "Ok but throw in a few more rupies", "you are crazy", "I don't know", "I don't understand a word of what you are babbling" and a number of other things.

If you spend some time in India you may avoid the runs but I guarantee that you will come home with a case of the head bobbles. It wears off soon afterwards.

Wikipedia has more on this subject:
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