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Originally Posted by auntie aubrey View Post
I feel humiliated. The goddamned doctor treated me like I'm stupid and made me cry.
Hon, you need to find a new dr. .

/mini rant/

You are a smart, well educated woman and deserve to be treated as such.
I have no idea what he said, but even within the confines of 'treatment', he had no right to be condescending. If you are not comfortable with your dr., you are less likely to be honest about your health. You need to be able to trust your dr...after all..he isn't just treating you these days...he is treating 3 people.

Right now, you need a dr. who has your entire best interests at heart...mentally and physically. If this dr, isn't doing that..time to trade up to one who will...and don't be afraid to keep looking until you find one you are happy with.

Go forth and find a new dr...or tell this one where to get off.

/rant over/
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