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she's part of the OBGYN practice that i go to. they don't place you with a single doctor, they rotate you through all of the doctors because on the day you go into labor you'll get whichever doctor is on call. i've liked everyone there except her.

so yesterday when i left my appointment i casually said to the receptionist, "so i'm rotating, right? who will i be seeing next?" she said, "oh, you're rotating? okay let me see who's available." she placed me with someone else, someone i'll hopefully enjoy more.

after she made me cry (and i don't mean little cry. i mean shuddering gasping embarassing cry) i went back out to the waiting room and there was another girl out there crying into her cell phone and i heard her say the same doctor's name. so it's not just me.

i'm usually hard as nails. but, you know. preggers. sometimes there are inexplicable crying jags.
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