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waaaaaaa :)
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I feel like whenever I'm in Georgia (and after visiting Auntie and La Auntie Familia ) I'd really want to kick that "doctor" bitch's ass!!!! ... and measure her bp and take her peepee at regular intervals during the procedure *evil grin*

Until then... stay as cool as possible whenever rotation runs bad for you, that with the second opinion is a good idea. Is it possible that someone (family, friends) could come with you to each examination and insist on being present in the examination room(s) if it's her? To give you strength and as a witness for her mobbing of pregnant women who actually are her patients and should be cared for as good as possible, particularly if they happen to be pregnant with twins (and pregnant for the first time, or?) *growling*
Another tip: When you should be on the verge of tears, imagine her taking a crap (or something similar that works for you), don't give her the satisfaction to see you cry and shake if you can help it! Let it out afterwards.

PS: I'm far from a twiggy figure myself and I have LOW bp, usually 107/66 or something...
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