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Originally Posted by moby
well, how do i speak about it being inspired by a12th century plainsong? not too many cool rock musicians are listening to 12th century sacred music. but there is a group out of norway, that’s the woman, who sings on the record. trio mediaeval.

i’ve always loved the simplicity of early music and gregorian chants and plainsong. there is just this austere simplicity that i find really comforting. so i was listening to this ‘trio mediaeval’ record and i basically wrote a bunch of string arrangements around their acapella recording and then went to the woman who sang it and said, 'oh, is it possible for you to re-sing it to this arrangement that i’ve written?'

i think she was eight and a half month pregnant. so she has this little studio in her garage in norway, she recorded the vocals, handed the recording off to her husband and then went and gave birth.

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