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Nothing now dare we take

against ache of the day

that starts in with a sigh

and ends up with a sigh

Here the leaves rustle by

like the dead on the wind

and the baskets of leaves

are just souls out of keeping

The rain wanders down

on the glass like confusion

it's all out of place

and I talk about leaving

As if anywhere's there

or the places I go

will fill some ancient void

that's been left in my keeping

There's a sometime with sun

and a faint little rainbow

above a small storm

that broke over our heads

And I know where it is

and i'm not going back there

but sometimes I dream

that i never have left

And the leaves

tumble by

like old souls in the wind

and I once heard him say

that I'd never return

and the rain trickles down

and the candle burned out

and the stars aren't there

and i wish he was here

but he's not

and they don't and it won't

and it isn't; you'll never, I didn't,

and nobody will

So many negatives never and never

and never again takes awhile to fill....

There's some hope in old comforts

the smell of damp hair

on a pillow I won't wash

because we were there

And the leaves swirl around

like the souls of the damned

and tonight's moon is hidden

and nothing was planned

I finish some coffee

that wasn't that good

and the leaves in the wind are

like things that I should

And I sleep because sometimes it's

something to do

and if sometimes I'm careful

the dreaming comes true

And the morning is silent

like leaves under snow

that eventually falls

and there's nowhere to go

except up from here

out of here

far and away from here

never come back to here

anywhere's better

But here's where I am

and wherever I go

and if that isn't fair

then it's still what we get

and I write and i tell him

forget me

and tear up the letter....
There are few situations in life which wind up with you saying to yourself: "Gee, I wish I'd had worse manners there."

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