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audio-technica AT4040
cardiod condenser studio mic
versatile large diaphragm mic with condenser design uses state-of-the-art transducer technology, surface mount electronics and transformerless circuitry. large diaphragm element handles super high SPLs; provides smooth, natural sonic characteristics with a wide range.cardiod pattern; aged, vapor-deposited-gold large-diaphragm capacitor element. two-micron-thick diaphragm provices accurate reproduction of the subtlest sounds without sacrificing high-frequency performance. requires 48v phantom power. switchable low-frequency roll-off. extended flat freq. resp. (20-20,000 Hz), wide, 133dB dynamic range, and 155 dB SPL rating (w/ 10dB pad). includes heavy-duty shock mount, dust cover and protective case.

3 easy payments of $99.66

serving suggestions and/or features and benefits from the nearest packaged food item container.
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