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You're so sweet, Brynn. Okay then,

Brynn Wins!

Ta-ra ta taa da-ra da daa, ta-ra ta taa da-ra da daa, deedle leedle doodle loodle bee de bee de boooo, WOO HOOOOO!

Okay, okay. *sigh* We do it the Ze way™!

Welcome one and all, to the mumblemumdyeth judgement-packed session of The Dictionary Game! I'm your host, Judge DuJour. I apologize for the delay, but after a wild week of fun with rodents and my in-laws, I fell ill in church, and was side-tracked for three more days, one more sad victim of The Dictionary Game Curse. Plus the dog ate my homework.

Hey, I was in church, all right? [CUE ANGELIC CHOIR]

Ooookay, let's get right to it. The word in question is sodalitious. Our good friends at the Phrontistery assure us that it actually means "of or belonging to society or to fellowship," as in: "Sodalitious camaraderie is the basis for our discourse here on the Ze Boards." Now let's see that with which our participants have come up. Um, yeah. Or something.

Marcus Bales kicked things off with a strong visual cue and a connection that I must confess took me an embarrassing number of seconds to process.

sodalitious - a particular type of moustache, also known as sosalvatoric, characterized by a symmetrical pair of thin sine curves, asymptotic to the septum.

Did you see the sodalitious on that guy? He looked like Snidely Whiplash!

For catching me out-to-lunch, and for employing the mellifluous phrase "asymptotic to the septum", I award M. Bales the prestigious Chevron du Gotcha!!

Next up, our very own dilettante, who has been walking steadily westward for years, yet still cannot seem to escape our benign clutches, the meretricious Trisherina, who chimes in with this:

sodalitious: A juvenile crime descriptor indicating the perpetrator was not intoxicated.

Despite completing his first stint at rehab at 14, Joseph was nonetheless sodalitious when he knifed his grandmother to death during an argument about using her car.

What a fine idea... a legal term for being under the non-influence. Or perhaps overit, but that's a discussion for another day, preferably last Tuesday. Trish scores the prized Fizzy Lifting Drink Emblem. Okay, it's iron-on, but hey, it's machine washable!

Now, let's see... whom have we here? Why it's the charming, irrepressible, bon vivant, vichyssoise... where was I? Och! Aye, 'tis Brynn! And just whom has she got centered in the crosshairs of the wily wiles of her sweet feminininity? Huh? WHOM, MAY YOU ARSK? MOOM! THAT'S WHOOM!!! Um, err... that, 'twould seem, would be meem... uh, me.

sodalitious - adj. describes any word that did not previously exist until coined for Dictionary game purposes by a Dictionary Game judge while drinking a soda.

"Hey triple d, did you you enjoy your soda?"
"I sure did, Brynn. It was sodalitious!"
"Sodalitious. Gosharoonie, what a cute word that is. Did you just make that up?"
"Yes, Brynn, I did."
"I love that, triple d. I think you're sodalitious."
"Thank you," he said humbly and simply, moved.

"Aww, GAWRRSH," he continued, scuffing his toe in the dirt and swinging his ankle to and fro. "That one's jus' plain silly, nesty pass?" But I tell ya what... I gotta love that rascally twinkle in your rascally twinkly eyes, and I'm gonna give you this enormous goldish-colored 50 BONUS POINT Coin, which is worth fifty bonus points (in some other game), for coining the word gosharoonie, which this judge finds undeniably adorable.

Alright, alright, alriiiight. Let's have a great big hand... hell, a huge arm(!) for Stephi_B, whose delightfully inscrutable postings often make me wonder if somebody has slipped some powerful pharmaceuticals into my Bosco. Or hers. Her entry is true-to-form:

sodalitious adj

describing (s.o) which (who) is there (where exactly, depends on the context, of course) - simply there, without any reason, meaning or goal

sodalitious joy grabbed her
starting, somehow
-- nevermind!
in her left little toe.

Good Heavens, Steph, I'm actually with you on this one! I know exactly what you mean. I can't explain it... I just feel it in my toe! So I am led by my euphoric lower digits (yes, yes, brothers and sisters, the joy is s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g!) to award you THIS MIND-BLOWING 1-CD COLLECTION, WIGGLE 'EM FOR THE LORD.. PERSONALLY SELECTED BY THE LATE TAMMY FAYE MESSNER! NO, REALLY... SHE'S RIGHT HERE BESIDE ME, BLEACHING HER EYELASHES WITH OXY-CLEAN™!! BUT WAIT... I'M DEAD!!!

Darn, I'm channeling that odd shout-y guy again. He's so annoying. *cough* Let's bring up our next contender. Gimme a Y! Gimme an S! Gimme an A! Gimme a, er, capital P. Gimme a U? Hey, did somebody spill a bowl of alphabet soup? It's YsaPur EsChomuw... and surely I have won something by spelling that correctly! Ah, nemmind; let's look at Ysa's offering.

sodalitious adj. referring to an intimate relationship between male colleagues, in which one of them is overtly effeminate.

- Do you know the two guys, Gawain and Noel, from A4? Guess what! I’ve accidentally come across their sodalitious blog on the Internet. It’s called My Booty-litious Doll. Awesome!
- Mhm, accidentally indeed.

That's sod-all brilliant, Ys. It has that all-important Ring-O-Truth™. Um, rather than give you anything right now, I will instead ask you to stand over here, right under the dramatic lighting effect. Thanks, I'll get back to you.

Next, Treekisser steps up to the bar(k) with this rouser:

sodalitious adj. exhibiting a rare but highly contagious medical condition affecting above average children and having the following symptoms: 1. below normal body temperature, 2. gassiness with frequent burping, 3. bubbly saliva, 4. excessive thirst, 5. frequent and urgent urination, and 6. uncharacteristicly sweet and effervescent temperament. The syndrome was first discovered by Sigmund Pepper in his own children. Dr. Pepper also observed that sodalistic children tended to exhibit an aversion to milk.

The Lake Wobegon Preschool closed for two weeks after three of the younger children became sodalitious after morning snack.

Quite complex, TK. Intriguing, with several nice giggly bits. I'd like to ask you to stand over here with YsaPur. Right, but a bit further downstage, and turn slightly to your left. Great. Hang in there, OK?

xfox. Front and center. Show me your dealio.

sodalitious very tasty.

Barbara's hot dogs and beans were sodalitious and vanished in short order.

*guf-FAWW* Alrighty then, xf. Would you please stand over here near TK and YsaPur, but not right smack next to them? That's good... about two feet further back. Yes, right there on the Big Red Star. Thanks. That's perfect. Now, YsaP, if you'd be so kind as to pull that Big Red Lever right there... then you and treek can wave goodbye to your friend xfox.

.................. *

That was pretty weak, babe. G'bye.

Now then, YsaPur. I see that you have a second entry here. As you must know, this is not permitted. However, I am a fairly liberal judge, and while I may not be a wise Latina, I am aware that rules are living, breathing things, which evolve, and mutate, and get all hard and lumpy unless we redefine them into something that suits our biases, and is more convenient for us all round. Therefore I will not disqualify you for it, but will merely disqualify it for you. Unless the second one is funnier. Which yours was not.

Let me see... Marcus. Back up one paragraph. Take out the name YsaPur. Put in the name Marcus. Take it from there.

[continued below]
...or words to that effect.

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